Friday, February 8, 2008

End Times?

OH my! People in Springfield are really freaking out today! Churches are packed, offerings are being burned to various Gods, and spontaneous orgies are breaking out in hallways and cubicles through out the building! Now normally that last one would be AWESOME but I am working at a state agency full of aging hippies; so here, not so much!

So what has everyone convinced that the world is coming to an end? This morning a HUGE bright yellow crescent appeared on the horizon, then it just kept getting bigger and bigger and now there is a huge yellow ball just hanging in the sky defying gravity and all common sense! Plus the sky is this totally weird non-gray color. Some people think it is an alien mother ship beginning the invasion and others think it is the beginning of the apocalypse, yet a third group is convinced that the Mother Earth Spirit is about to burn us for our trangressions against her!

I keep trying to explain to people that just two long weeks ago I was in the southwest and I got to see the sun and enjoy it’s warmth and that is all that is going on but it’s been so long since it appeared around here people have forgotten about old Sol and are totally losing it and won't listen to me!

I gotta go people... Oh god Jim, put that back on!


Crazymamaof6 said...

gol! ahhhhhhhhh that is fabulous! i whine about missing the sun after 2 days of rain and gloom. no wonder they have no clue what to expect anymore. and seriously my 3 year old still whining about the sun in her eyes daily. i need to invest in her own blingy sunglasses!

the sun is shining and you blogged? it may be the end of the universe!
or just a fabulous Friday! hallelujah!

Robin said...

No orgies for me, I will be too busy sunbathing naked in the sun (with a hat though, cuz it's still COLD).

Tanya said...

I love the sunshine, we got some yesterday. It was amazing. We get more today, but this weekend it goes back down to sub-freezing.

Anonymous said...

Did you say something about basking in the warmth of the sun??? LIAR!!! It was FREEEZING this morning... (chatter chatter chatter). BBBBBrrrrr..... Unfortunately, the hospital reserves all windows for the more deserving... ie... not me )c: Going to try to escape work early to see the new phenomenon!

Jules said...

Spontaneous orgies? Where do you work exactly, and was that part of the benefits package or what?!
House of Jules

kay said...

ah the sun. we have seen him here for weeks. but i can understand what it must be like for those up north. poor souls. no wonder they are confused!

Dizzy Ms. Lizzy said...

Having worked at 2 different State agencies - - I can't think of anyone in either agency I would WANT to orgy with *shudder*, so thank goodness it was not part of the benefits package!

Stephanie said...

ha ha! Too funny!

Rob said...

CrazyMomma- Today was even better since I was not in orgy crazed cube farm!

Robin- Cold? That sure sounds hot to me! :)

Tanya- We have to enjoy it while we can! Want to play Frisbee?

Erika- You missed it!

Jules- Mz. Lizzy beat me to it!

Kay- Rubbing it in again huh? :)

Ms. Lizzy- Ow! Gee, you don’t have to totally eviscerate me now do ya? :)

Stephanie - Glad you enjoyed!

SuperCoolMom said...

Hah! This is the first time i've been to visit (although I read your interview with Manic and see your comments on Kay's blog). Too funny! I may have to come back and waste some more time.

(oh, and yeah, I'm crazymama's sister too.)