Friday, February 29, 2008

Hey Zeus!

Back at Christmas someone attached this picture to a Christmas e-mail. As is often the case I had several bizarre thoughts about the photo and so saved it off on to the hard drive where I just re-discovered it and the bizarre thoughts returned.

1) I have no idea who the artist was but I can't help but wonder why he felt his savior should look like a 70's coke head? Did Jesus just walk out of studio 54? Look at that hair Cotton! Feathered and lethal!

So was Jesus amongst us again as the lead singer in the Bee Gee's or what? Which of course may be kind of appropriate. I mean, really I can see Jesus singing "I - I - I - I Staying alive, Staying alive" Right?

On the other hand I can't help but think it was very wrong of Jesus to wear such tight pants in that video?

2) The other thought that occurs to me as Jesus gazes longingly at the wee baby sheep is that it looks to me like he is thinking, "Awwww, hey there little fella, don't you just look nummy-nummy! Mmmmmm, so tender! Actually I was in the mood for a nice veal but the "disciple's" can't seem to scrounge any up so I guess you'll have to do. Hey disciples? Is a little mint sauce for your savior too much to ask? I mean I am going to be brutally killed for your souls and all so really is a little mint sauce too much to ask?

I'm sorry, I can't help it. These thoughts just pop into me wee brain. More than once I have thanked the great lamb devourer above that I was not born a few hundred years ago. There is no doubt in my mind I would have died a horrible death at the hands of an angry mob for some of my bizarre thoughts.


SuperCoolMom said...

Yeah, you should be hiding from those lightning bolts about now.

Beth said...

ooooh, you are sooo bad! But ya, ...the hair?, I don't think so. How do we know what Jesus looked like? I don't think he had Blue eyes either....but the little lamb is cute! I've never had lamb before....they're too cute to eat.

Rob said...

Supercoolmom - I was making fun of the artist more than Jesus.

However, let me get philosophical for a moment- if you believe that God created man in own image and if you take into account that all peoples and all cultures on this earth have a sense of humor then clearly God has a GREAT sense of humor. Ergo, Jesus can crack a joke a take a joke just like any other guy! You can’t be all serious and scripture-ie all the time! I for one cannot believe that Jesus and the disciples did not cut up and have a good time now and then. (all things in moderation)

Then again, I was kicked out of Catholic School so I am well aware that my views on God and Jesus do NOT fall into the mainstream!

I choose to believe that Jesus likes my post! I can see him now, "Hey look guys, I'm a Bee Gee! HA!" Then he breaks into a strut…

Beth - Thanks, I try to be bad just in a good way! How do we know what Jesus looked like? Well according to every crucifix I ever saw he had awesome rippling abs! I guess no one wants to pray to a fat ugly god! :)

SuperCoolMom said...

Actually, I wasn't particularly offended by your humor, and I don't think Jesus actually was either ...I was actually going for playful banter there, I guess it's hard to read my tone. :)

SuperCoolMom said...

Think I used actually enough there? That may actually be a record of some sort.

Rob said...

Actually, I am not sure what the actual record is for the most uses of actual in an actual post are.

Sorry I missed your actual meaning. :)

Then again I was also using your post to address the deafening silence out there too! :) When I have Melek freaked out I know I am close to the edge. :)