Monday, November 26, 2007

I am Soooooo Mad!

I just really can not post today! I can not believe those bozo's at People Magazine snubbed me yet again! People's Sexiest Men Alive 2007

Now I am glad Matt won it, he has long been one of my favorites and I think we all know how I feel about Matt McConaughey but I did not even make the top 100!

Can you believe this? Have they not seen my finely honed keyboard muscles rippling manfully beneath my forearms as I type? Have they not seen my wrist watch with the slide rule built into the bezel? Have they not seen my uber cool flashlight/laser/stylus pen? (Thanks again Erika!) Have they not seen my guitar!?

What is the world coming too? No way I don't even get mentioned! The fix is in I tell you!

I mean I have not been so mad since "Smokey and the Bandit" was snubbed, SNUBBED I tell you, by the Oscar committee!


michelle said...

a thought for next year ... hire a publicist so the voters get to know "the real rob", and ask george clooney and brad pitt to write alumni support letters on your behalf. ;)

kay said...

when we were at the store yesterday my 11 year old son said mom they picked the sexiest man again. didn't they just do that? and isn't it always george clooney? cracked me up because i never knew he noticed that stuff!

better luck next year rob!

Anonymous said...

It's okay, Rob... we'll just work on the advertising campaign for next year. If the committee had only met you, you'd be a shoe in for geek of the year! (oh... wrong contest? Oops) (c;

Andie said...

hey, there is always next year!

I was happy to see one of my celebrity boyfriends in there. :)

Jules said...

Speaking of Smokey & the Bandit, I rented Cannonball Run (so that I could introduce another classic to the teenage nephews last week when they were staying w/ me) and that movie STILL holds up. Hilarity...

As for the People magazine thing, I think you should demand a recount!

House of Jules

Rob said...

Michelle - Good plan with one exception -> Clooney and Pitt are so insanely jealous of me there is no way they would ever help me out!

Kay - Your son is right. It is always Clooney isn't it?

Erika - What? I'm confused; you mean they are not the same contest? Wow, suddenly I'm dizzy as my world view reorients!

Jules - Cannon Ball Run! I LOVE that movie but I have not see it in forever! "Firsta rule ofa Italian racing- whatsa behind ayou isa not important!"

Anonymous said...

Well, we'd need to see a photo without your shirt on to determine your sexiness...

The Editors

Tanya said...

I have a feeling next year will be Harrison Ford. Its always the same few dudes.

Rob said...

Tanya - Yeah I like Harrison too. He is a guys guy.

Did you see "6 days 7 nights" He did his own piloting scenes in the movie (very rare) and he enjoyed flying that Canadian Beaver so much he bought one of his own. Not surprising since the Beaver is one of the best bush planes ever built. (I read that and it sounds like a dirty joke but it's not! :) )