Friday, November 23, 2007

I wanna do what?

I love music and I have ALWAYS wanted to play a musical instrument. I seem to have zero aptitude for it though. My fourth grade music teacher was the last one NOT to throw her hands up in exasperation trying to teach me to play.

Well for about the last year or so I kept getting the itch to learn guitar. I kept thinking about how much I have done with my hands over the years. I used to do very precise work in aircraft parts fabrication. I built my own plane from scratch, I learned to type at a better than average level so by golly I should be able to learn to play a guitar, right?

So Wednesday night I got the impulse and I went to a local music store and bought a guitar! I was not sure how this latest experiment in music was going to work out so I did not want to plunk down the big bucks right off. The salesman was a little deaf to that showed me a $5,000 guitar first. I was like, oh no, no! So then he showed me a $2,400 guitar and I laughed at him and said, "Dude, you are not getting this! I am buying a first car for a teenager and you keep showing me Ferrari's. Where in the heck are the beat up old Hyundai's? How about a rusted out Pinto? That is what I am looking for here."

Once got the idea we had to go into the back area of the store! :)

They had three guitars under $200 back there. The one for $199 was a good name brand and the wood was very pretty. I liked it. The second one was a Mexican flag guitar and I was like no, not my style amigo. He laughed and said "Oh hey, I forgot, we have a American flag one here too."

So he dug out this "Buck Owens" special and I kinda chuckled but he said this flag one was $99 and it includes a strap that is a heck of a deal. He went ahead and played it a little. He was surprised, he said it had a really good sound quality and he was really surprised that such a cheap guitar sounded so good.

I said I liked like the $200 one better and handed it to him. So he started playing it. He was really amazed now because the name brand one did not sound nearly as good as the tacky one. He switched guitars a few times I could hear the difference too. So I figured, man I am a nerdy redneck, when did I start caring about how things look? Performance is what counts and this tacky thing performs better at half the price. Hell we were made for each other.

Man is that tacky or what? Even the strap is red white and blue! It is hard on the eyes. It's like the old batman series though, it's so schlocky it is starting to grow on me.


Jules said...

"Not my style, amigo"


Taj said...

To heck with the guitar...I swoon over the cat photo.

The Naked Cowboy has a guitar like that. All you need now is a pair of Fruit Of The Looms.

kay said...

good luck with that!! i have always wanted to learn myself and so i bought one in march. i can play most of the chords and at band practice last week i played and sang silent night!! i was so proud!

Rob said...

Jules - Of all the people I knew you would catch that line and enjoy it.

Taj - Naked Cowboy? I have not heard of him but he already sounds like my kind of guy! :)

Kay - Wow! Two days ago that might not have impressed me much but after struggling to get my first two chords down I am VERY impressed!

Jules said...

How have you not heard of the Naked Cowboy? He dances around Times Square "naked", with the exception of his cowboy hat, boots, guitar and tightey-whiteys (which say, "NAKED COWBOY" on the butt. So, he's not really naked; but he does have a guitar like that, amigo.

Rob said...

Uh, Jules, we Texans make quite the effort NOT to know what is going on in New York city. ;)

A cowboy in New York eh? That seems almost oxy-moronic.