Saturday, November 24, 2007

Holidays are great!

I went to the gym today and the place was deserted! So first off I got a good parking spot.

I mean a good part of my usual workout is the walk to the entrance from the wilderness parking spots that are left by the time I get there in the evenings. The parking is so far out sometimes I have to throw a live chicken out the truck window to distract the wolves so I can safely get out of the truck and start the hike for the entrance.

Anyway, it was great today! Not only did I not have to wait for any of my usual machines I did not even have to reset them as I rotated through them doing my 3 sets as they were all still set since no one else had used them between my sets. Wow. It was a very fast workout! Hooray for holidays!

Well, I should not say that, New Years is coming soon and then the gym will be packed full of NYPs immediately thereafter. You know, New Years People? (Pronounced NIPS) I mean in January the place looks like an Alaskan stream during salmon spawning season what with all the squirming NYPs flying through the air trying to get to a machine. For the month of January just forget about getting a treadmill let alone a good one.


Swishy said...

Ughhh ... I can't stand New Year's at the gym!

Melek said...

i almost posted this SAME thing yesterday! i went to the gym friday and it was deserted! seriously like 12 ppl in the gym. and i thought, wow, awesome. but, wait til Jan 1...dammit. that's gonna suck. luckily, the just added 2 more stairclimbers to my gym (my machine of choice) so it shouldn't be quite as long a wait. plus, i can go in the middle of the day until the NIPS start to break their resolutions....

kay said...

new year's at the gym stinks. but wait until march. then they are all gone again!

Cecily R said...

NIPS. That's awesome. You don't want to know what THAT made me think of. It wasn't people trying to uphold their New Year's resolutions husband is going to LOVE this one.

Between Manic and Swishy and Kay and Melek I read your comments all the time. Not sure why I never thought to come to your blog before today since you always make me laugh...can I come back?

Rob said...

@Melek - Great minds eh? I'm glad I beat you to the post! :)

Swish and Kay - So it's not a just local thing then?

@Cecily - For a guy with a dirtier than average mind I am ashamed to admit it took me a little bit to figure out what alternate meaning you could have in mind. Well now that's a BIG DUH to me eh?

Of course you can come back! I am glad to know I make you laugh! I write this stuff and I giggle like a doofus as I type it but I rarely have any idea if anyone else enjoys it or not.

For years my ex told me regularly (daily?) that I was the only one who thought I was funny so every time I hit the post button I wonder just how right she was.

Andie said...

that is so funny. my husband calls them the same thing!!!! That is a riot.

I gave up my gym membership to pay for my housekeeper who comes once a month instead. Greatest thing I ever did, since the gym was a waste for me. I hate structured exercise.

you crack me up!

Angela WD said...

So funny - live chicken out the window? Salmon spawning NYPs?

I am one of those who stay away from the gym during the holidays. It's my constitutional right to refuse exercise during the Christmas eating orgy.

Thanks for stopping by my blog to laugh at my gym dorkiness!