Wednesday, November 14, 2007

New Product Idea!

In my laser pen post I mentioned that the most horrible of all presents from a male perspective is underwear.

I also mentioned that a DANGER sticker could make even the lamest of gifts very cool from the male perspective. So continuing that line of thought I decided that a brilliant new product should be male under wear with big DANGER emblems! Yeah, that would be cool!

For boys underwear the DANGER emblem could be in the back. "Ah, isn't that cute?"

For men's underwear the emblem would be in the front. "Oooo la la!" I tell you, no male ego could possibly resist! (Hmmmm, upon further review the mans size could go either way, eh?)

So now those oh so serious people who just insist on giving lame but practical gifts can do so and the males in your life will still think you are cool and funny! It's win-win I tell you. Oooooo, I am gonna make a million off of this one! :)

Now a question for the audience; Did this idea come from my nerdy half or my redneck half? What do you think?


Manic Mom said...

All I know is I need that sign to wear around my neck. Daily.

Jules said...

That would be the perfect gift for every guy I know. Wait, that sounds bad. Not for every guy I "KNOW-KNOW", just every guy I know. You know?

House of Jules

Michelle said...

That absolutely came from your redneck side!!

Melek said...

you need to go to and get those placed on some tighty-whities and sell em. i bet you'd make a fortune

Rob said...

Manic - I am NOT touching that one!

Jules- I know, I know!

Michelle - I think you may be right.

Melek - Hmmmmmmm

kay said...

i need that on a t-shirt

cause it's true!!

see what melek said!! i would buy one. or two or a gross.

Jules said...

This made me laugh all over again...
House of Jules

Bianca Reagan said...

I think it came from both sides.