Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I was reading an article about vegans this morning. Interesting stuff. As you all know I *love* word origins and it turns out vegan is an old American Indian word meaning "Very shitty hunter".

 I just love how some languages can say so much with one word!

You know, it makes me wonder though if vegans have sex? I mean there is the whole aspect of do they have the stamina for it but I mean even philosophically are they allowed to have sex? Milking a cow does not hurt the cow it a bit. In fact, they need to be milked or utter destruction could occur (ar!) Yet vegans are not allowed to drink milk. 

Rules out oral for sure!

So in the same vein, er, train of thought, are male vegans even allowed to ejaculate? that sure seems like Sperm Murder to me!

Neanderthal bastards! Somebody throw some red paint on the sperm murdering bastards!



jinksto said...

I think Catholicism has some of the same rules as vegans... related?

OB Vegan: My favorite thing to do is to tell Vegan's that something that they're eating tastes just like chicken and see which ones deny it.

Chandan said...

Well this post is sure for adults only. :-) Moreover, I am an eggetarian which means I eat eggs and kill chickens even before they are born. So, I don't worry about sperms. :-)

Justin said...

I once saw a bumper sticker that said "I Eat Vegans." I thought it was great.

tammy said...

Is that Indian meaning real? Too funny. mera

NerdyRedneck Rob said...

@Jinksto - OOoooOOOO - Two zingers in one comment - Bravo

@chandan - Yeah, prolly 'cause I am adult. (in theory at least) :)

@Justin - HA I love it!

@Tammy - Naw, I just made it up. Seemed to fit. :)

Sandra said...

You are hilarious! Where have you been my whole blogging life! This was genius, seriously, I may be your newest stalker.