Monday, March 21, 2011

Management Think #9

Recently I had to change my e-mail address and I do all on-line bill pay so I go to all my vendors, ya know, phone, cable, credit card, etc. and change my e-mail address.

Logically they all sent me an e-mail notifying that someone had changed my e-mail address online and if it was not me alert them to the security breach immediately.

However, two, count them TWO vendors sent that e-mail the the NEW e-mail account.   So if I had been hacked I would never know it. Since sending the e-mail to the new address defeats the entire point of even sending an e-mail you gotta wonder just what were they thinking?

Oh stupid question, hell I have been in this business long enough to "hear" the design meeting...

DBA: "Well the Idiots Guide to Website Design says to send a notification to the the old address for security"
"But how am I to be sending it to the old address when they just changed the address? I am not having the old address anymore"
DBA: Well we should have an audit table where we track changes and we can pull from there, OR in the change address screen you can hold the new address in memory, send a note to the old address THEN change the address in the database OR,...{three other ways to skin the cat}"
"I am not knowing about these things. Let me get back to you."

47 meetings and 1,487 excuses about why they just can't do it right the manager says "This is taking too much time, just send it to the new address, what the hells the difference. Gah DBA's are such a pain in the ass"


Cheeseboy said...

Wait, so you're saying that the crooks that hacked your email would have seen a notice that a crook has hacked your email. At least the banks and vendors are being polite to the crooks that hack email addresses.

tammy said...

Some people are not so smart.

Anonymous said...

I almost wet myself when I read "I am not having that address."

NerdyRedneck Rob said...

@Cheeseboy - Hey the hackers could be good customers, they need someplace to keep all their 'loot' so they better be nice to them. ;)

@Tammy - yeah but why do they keep making managers?

@Anon - Well thank you! I see you may have caught on there. :)