Friday, March 11, 2011

Manual SpamBot

"The circle is now complete Obi-Wan"

They used to pay people to spam. Then they automated the process with SpamBots. So to defeat the spam bots most sites set up some kind of test on comments/posting, weather it be a simple math problem or the skewed pass phrase.

So far that has defeated the SpamBots. I have been waiting for a while now for someone to crack the skewed pass phrase model used here on blogspot- so far so good. I am guessing it has worked this long because it is just barely human readable (at least to this human)

So now we have come full circle- they are now paying humans to post spam again. I have gotten a couple of them them in the last few weeks. I got this one on the "good news" post....

"I'm impressed with your post which i'm looking for. I have a forum which lets people to share and express their feeling. so come and join with us :) Place to share feeling
(I changed the link to prevent accidents.)

I have several observations about this spam post..

1) If you are going to pay someone to market Spam for you then you really should hire people who can speak the language you want to market in. (duh)

2) I think its HILARIOUS that my post about trying to replace Charlie Sheen on 2.5 men was "the post he was looking for" lol

3) This blog is (theoretically) about the hybrid nature of my nerd/redneck personality. There is often a lot of conflict there but one thing both nerds and rednecks agree on is that they have ZERO interest in "sharing their feelings" So a major "swing and a miss" there buddy!

4) Man, human SpamBot has GOT to be a shitty way to make a living.


jinksto said...

A mans gotta make money for rice I reckon.

I don't think I have a conflict with the geek/redneck sides of things. I just let it out and let people deal with it however they can.

Yes, I drive a truck and wear workboots 95% of the time. I even grow a beard between trips to the office and let my hair get long. But none of those things prevent me from boring you into submission talking about Service-Oriented Architectures or Distributed Computing or Cloud Architectures or n-tier tightly coupled peer to peer networks I really am a nerd. I think I need some time to get in touch with my feelings. Maybe I'll go shoot something?

tammy said...

A job I could do while sitting on my butt browsing blogs? I'm in.

Chandan said...

The only human I know to be sending the Spam is YOU ! The only spam emails about some pills (You know that!) was from your ID ! So for me Rob's AOL ID = Spam

I see that the blog articles have grown longer and it clearly shows the absence of Mark and Myself. Have fun at the library !

jinksto said...

Wait... stop... The Nerdy Redneck has an AOL account? Total nerd FAIL.

NerdyRedneck Rob said...

I have had the same AOL account since before PC's (outside the lab) had Mice and before anyone outside of Darpa had even *heard* of the internet.

So, care to rethink that one digi-cuz? :)