Monday, January 26, 2009

Recent History

I don’t talk about stuff like this too often and I was NOT caught up in all the hoopla surrounding this event, in fact I grew quite tired of it but I thought really, I should take a moment to talk about it. It is a big moment after all.

Recently, an African American man moved from his private residence into a much larger and infinitely more expensive one owned not by him but by the taxpayers. A vast yard, a perimeter fence and many well trained security specialists will insulate him from the rest of us but the mere fact that this man will be residing in this house should make us all stop and count our blessings - because it proves that we live in a nation where anything is possible.

Many believed this day would never come. Most of us hoped and prayed that it would, but few of us actually believed we would live to see it. Racism is such an ugly thing in all of its forms and there is little doubt that if this man had moved into this house even fifteen years ago, there would have been a great outcry and much anger and most likely even rioting in the streets!

Today, we can all be both grateful and proud that no such mayhem took place when this man took up residency in this house.

So let us all be thankful we live in a country where OJ'S GOING TO PRISON!

(HA! Got ya!)


tammy said...

I admit it, you did get me. But I loved it!

Shila Shila and Cult Jam said...

Oh! You scoundrel!

Kat said...

ROFL. Yeah you totally got me too you naughty little monkey ;o)

Melissa said...

And a hearty "here, here" from me! :)