Saturday, January 17, 2009

Creative Marketing!

I just heard an ad on the radio in Dallas that cracked me up! It actually took me a few seconds to process it and 'get it' then when it finally clicked for me I laughed out loud.

It's seems that in honor of the impending inauguration of Obama a local laser hair removal outfit is having a big "farewell to bush" sales event.

I admit it, it did not click for me for a bit so maybe that is why I enjoyed it so much once I finally did get it! :)

Good marketing!


Tanya said...

I wonder how many people are going to take advantage of that bargain?

Beth said...

HA! I just got something in an e-mail about "farewell to Bush!"!!!!!

tammy said...


Kat said...

Who ever came up with this one is a genius.

Robin said...

I am glad we can't have a Brazilian as president. lol

Shila Shila and Cult Jam said...

omg! I *heart* whoever came up with that!!!!