Friday, January 23, 2009

Gainfully Unemployed (part III)

After the carpets and shrubs I tackled the garage. At this point though motivation was running out big time so I did a half ass job of it and just concentrated on getting the junk out versus full blown cleaning.

Frankly I was tired of cleaning! I was done!

However, I promised to lend someone some books that are out of print and no longer available that I have stashed away. After a lifetime of collecting I have many boxes of books packed away (someday I hope to have a library so they can be all on shelves instead of in boxes in closets!) So I had to dig the books out to keep my promise. Oh was that a mistake because that got me started digging in the master closet. Once I started digging I had to to get rid of the junk I just HAD too!

Oh what a black hole a master closet becomes over time! :( A black hole that pulls everything in the universe into the master closet. As I dug into the closet working my way down to my book boxes layer by layer I could feel time slowing as I got closer and closer to the quantum singularity. (black hole) In fact, as I was working I thought I was getting sick or that something was wrong with my eyes because things kept going in and out of focus as I worked. That is when I realized I was getting dangerously close to the event horizon and light was just bending around my closet making things look blurry! Eeeep!

So I created another pile for the dump including three, yes three, broken VCRs, another three outdoor garbage bags of CRAP and approximately 30 *empty* shoe boxes! {sigh} However I did uncover treasure as well! I found a shoebox full of 20 year old photos that I thought were long lost and some other forgotten keep sakes!

Amongst the treasure I found articles of clothing that nicely illustrate this blogs title! As you check out these items ladies I want to warn you now, prepare to swoon! I can’t be held responsible for the overwhelming sexual urges that may come over you as you gaze upon these photos of 80’s apparel!

Oh yeah, that’s my name over the pocket! I know, I know! Dead sexy huh? But wait until you see the backside!

OOoooOOOOooo- See? I knew you would lose all control but relax, relax! There is enough Rob to go around!

Now contrast my nerdy t-shirts with that icon of blue collar masculinity!

Clever no? Ah yes, Dungeons and Dragons and other Role Playing Games (RPG's)- the last refuge of the nerd on Saturday night!

The next one is my favorite though!

Now the deal with nerd shirts is to be obscure enough to be creative and 'original' but to not be so obscure that no one gets the reference. For example anything referencing "the force" is mainstream and therefore uncool, see? Now the reference on this shirt here may be lost on most of you but amongst geekdom this one is about the perfect amount of obscure! Even though many of you may not get this shirt I feel sure that at *least* two of my regular readers will get it.
I would love to know how many of you can name the movie/book this quote is a parody of. Just how nerdy are my readers?

Anyway, how is that for summing up the contrast of a nerdy redneck?

Back on topic though- All in all I got about half the house whipped into shape. I hope I get enough work in Illinois that I have lots of recuperation time before I have to tackle the other half! I also hope my new maid lives up to his solemn promises.
And no more boring cleaning stories- I promise!


Melissa said...

LOL! Love the shirts.

Joe picked up one this Christmas that reads "you've read my that's enough social interaction for one day."

It was like it was made for him.

Callsign Echo said...

I don't know what you're talking about Rob,

" is by the juice of Sappho that my thoughts acquire speed..."

I'm sure none of your readers do. You're such a big dork.

"I shall not fear. Fear is the mind killer..."

I could do this all day.

"The sleeper has awoken!"

I should post this anonymously, but all my friends are resigned to what a HUGE NERD they hang out with.


jinksto said...

I don't remember the movie... I just remember that it had spicy content.

Great series of posts.

Astrogirl426 said...

(grin) I'm happy to say that I'm so cool, I didn't even get the Force reference. Really. Now I've got to go tell my son, Luke, to go into town to go pick up some robots to help with the farming.

Maybe I'll let him take the dune buggy...

NerdyRedneck Rob said...

Melissa- I LOVE that shirt idea! I want one!!! :)

Callsign Echo- Without a doubt you were one of the two I thought would grok that shirt in its fullness! Erika was the other one.

Jinksto- Welcome to the club amigo! Next time I will say three!

Astrogirl- With that handle how could I have ever doubted you! Lol!

Robin said...

So I was cool enough not to get the movie reference, but geeky enough to google it. I think that makes me just a big dork.

Deanna said...

Hey, in our house growing up the garage was the black hole. Thirty years of stuff kept going in but I never saw my father take anything out! It was fun to explore, though.