Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Real Story!

Here's why U.S. Airways Flt 1549 really went down!

Yes, I am aware how politically incorrect this is!

a) I don't really care.
b) It's still funny! (perhaps exactly because it is so un-PC?)

But in the interest of "equal time" won't someone please think of the OTHER families?


jinksto said...

That's great. I'm sure it wouldn't be funny if someone had been killed in the accident. We so rarely get to poke fun at something like this for that very reason that this is a quire refreshing. :)

Thanks for sharing.

michelle said...

i was convinced thta george w. was going to spend his last few days in office vowing to search the wilderness of canada for the terrorist geese. poor gooses.

Major Tom said...

Goose-ama bin Ladin strikes again.

tammy said...

I thought it was hilarious too. And bing PC is overrated.

Astrogirl426 said...

The killjoy in me is going, "those are domestic geese."

Sorry - Ive no control over her.

Kat said...

That is freaking hilarious. Where did you find that? I'm ROFLing around the office now :)

Erika said...

Those geese are Canadian, dude! We harbour all nationalities up d'ere in the north (anyways... it's too darn cold to go without a hat of SOME KIND!)

NerdyRedneck Rob said...

Jinksto- I am glad you enjoyed it bud.

Michelle- Well no physical searches but the wire tappers are out in full force! They are still wondering why the geese (and the Amish) seem to have no phone traffic. They are convinced it’s because they are ready to strike again!

Major Tom-Goosa-ama! LOL!

Tammy- Without a doubt PC is over rated!

Astrogirl- The shoe bomber was domestic too!!

Kat- I am so glad you are rolling around the office! It keeps the lint off your clothes!

Erika- I just knew you could not trust those darned Canadians! ;)