Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I was raised catholic and went to catholic school (with real live NUNS to boot) If anything will make you reject Catholicism when you grow up its nuns!

However I was watching a thing on the papacy on the history channel this weekend and as I watched it I had to rethink my whole position on the catholic faith. You get up in the morning and put on a really weird hat, slam down some wine, molest some kids, go to heaven! What a gig!

It's strangely like being a TSA agent


Have you ever noticed that the people who will tell you ever so seriously about how the American Indian used every part of the animal and how fantastic it was that they wasted nothing are the exact same people who when offered a a hot dog (or bolgna) Will go into pratical hysterics "My God do you know what parts of the animal they use in that? Ewwwwwww"


Dizzy Ms. Lizzy said...

I hear ya about the nuns! I was raised Catholic, went to Catholic grade school, with some of the meanest nuns EITHER side of the Mississippi. After getting out of school and moving out on my own, I stopped being a practicing Catholic. Them nuns definitely did a number on me!

I can still slam down some wine thought..... ;)

tammy said...

I worked at DQ in high school, and one customer found an animal tooth in his hotdog. Did he throw a fuss? No, he just wanted another one.

The Onion said...

I would love to eliminate hot dogs from my diet based upon their contents, but those damn things are just so delicious...

NerdyRedneck Rob said...

@DML - If nothing else Nuns will clearly demonstrate the mental health risks of long term celibacy! :)

@Tammy - What a whiner? Just throw the tooth away and keep going! :)

@The Onion - Damn Straight! MMMmm, mmmm the cheeks and anus! Everyone knows that is where the flavor is! :)