Monday, April 25, 2011

High tech

Two weekends ago I hurt my knee very badly. (well to ME) I went to the doc and a couple of blogworthy notes came out of it.

The doctor had an x-ray machine in his office and one of his nurses was unsure of the settings so the doctor come in and was helping her.

I don't know about you but when someone is pointing a radation gun at me and is not quite sure what all the doohickeys are for I get nervous and when I get nervous I make jokes

So when they finally shot the front view of the knee I cupped my balls and yelped "OW! MY SPERM!  Oh the looks on their faces was soooo precious!

(a thousand nerd points to whoever can name the show that came from. Googling disqualifies you! )

When they shot the side view I said, "Thats funny! My sperm did not hurt that time!"

So in the end he writes me a script for some muscle relaxers and a cane. A cane? In this day and age? With all the high tech goodies at our disposal he gave me a fucking STICK!

Well yes he did and it worked GREAT!

I asked for one with flames on but apparantly they don't watch "House"


tammy said...

You are funny. I know the answer, but I had to Google it so I won't answer and see if someone else gets it.

I can't believe they didn't know who House was.

NerdyRedneck Rob said...

Tammy- You have no idea how awesome I think it is that you watch(ed) that show!

House of Jules said...

HOUSE! Oh yes.

House of Jules said...

Hope your knee is better, BTW. (I got excited at the mention of House)