Thursday, April 15, 2010

Wishy-washy Nerdyredneck!

Ok, I used to think that texting was a remarkably stupid way to communicate. For many years I refused to participate in it. My phone up until last summer was not even capable of it.

Then as I started dating again I discovered that the majority of women LOVED texting and several of them had texted me and were quite perturbed when I did not answer texts.

In one case I was stood up on a date. A week later she asked why I never call her anymore. I was shocked, "You stood me up last Friday, why would I call you again?"
"Stood you up? I texted you several times during the day letting you know I might have to work late to give you early warning THEN about 2 hours before our date I confirmed I could not get out of work in time!"


Even a long time friend of mine I had repeatedly reminded I did not text kept forgetting that and wondered why I did not answer her.

OK, so I finally broke down and bought a phone capable of texting and reluctantly joined the wacky world. See the post here where I even announced to you all I had finally broke down...

Then something strange happned, as I started receiving and of course now answering texts I actually started to like it.

Ok, track change. For years I read a Doonsbury like Comic strip called the Boondocks. I love biting social satire and man does "the Boondocks" deliver it! Then they made a TV series out of it. So last night I am watching "The Boondocks" on the web.

Now let’s merge the tracks....

So PLEASE watch the first two minutes of this episode of the Boondocks with my texting history in mind!

I nearly hurt myself I was laughing so hard! Now Erika did not find it too funny so maybe you wont either but still, I HAD to share this it with you all.

WARNING! NSFW and not appropriate for little ones!

While "standard" profanity is bleeped there IS extensive use of the N word.

Now as we all know, the rules of political correctness dictate that only black people may use the N word so I tell you now the writer/creater of the show is black AND if you will notice, the driver of the van is the great Samual L. Jackson who has been in several episodes of the show.

So relax, the rules clearly state they may use this word and therefore you need not get uptight about it. (Hey I did not make the rules!)

If you enjoyed that 2 minutes at all then by all means go back and watch the first episode which hooked me on the series to begin with and will introduce you to the characters.

Oh, btw this all got me to thinking, I NEVER get texts from men! Hmmmmm. So I guess the passenger had a point? “bitches be loving texting.” Lol!


Cheeseboy said...

Texting? I don't even own a cell phone. I haven't been broken yet.

tammy said...

The whole typing with thumbs conversation is hilarious. So is the part about him texting his weedman.

I love texting. I would much rather text or email someone than call them.

House of Jules said...

Now you just gotta join Twitter! C'mon, DO IT! We have so much fun on there...

Hey, my word verification is "queen". So, you better listen to me! Twitter should be your next step! Drink the Kool-Aid!

NerdyRedneck Rob said...

@Chesseboy - Some one even further behind the times than *I* am? Wow! "The anti-force is strong with this one."

As I am discovering though texting seems to really be a woman thing so I guess this is my equivalent of your Glee Club thing! :)

@Tammy - that line is a classic! As well as that was written I have to give Sam Jackson a lot of credit too. He delivered that little soliloquy oh so well!

@HOJ - As Russell Crowe said in The Gladiator "Not yet... not yet" :)