Friday, April 9, 2010

Baaaaad Marketing.

There are at least 4 of these guys around Springfield...

(sorry for the crappy pic)

Ya know, to me the Statue of Liberty is just absolutely the wrong icon to associate with your income tax. In fact, it does angry up my blood just a bit :) Lets see, the government confiscating your money before you even touch it and "Liberty". Nope, that strikes me as pretty oxymoronic association!

Now if these guys wanted to do this right they would have the Statue of Liberty whaling away on a guy in a three piece suit with a foam rubber baseball bat and the sign should say, "Let us help you beat back the tax man!"

Now THAT would work!


jinksto said...

Or a real bat and a real tax man... that would be almost... well, touching.

tammy said...

I think you're on to something...

tammy said...

...because a big ol' butt bent over with someone ramming a stick up it, probably wouldn't be appropriate.

Anonymous said...

I agree! This year's tax forms had a picture of the US Constitution on the cover, which my son, who's a huge Constitution buff, thought that was really ironic. (It wasn't until an amendment in the early 20th century that we paid income tax!)

Maria in Oregon

Melek said... friend does some of the marketing for Liberty Tax. I think I'll send her your's brilliant!

House of Jules said...

We have them here, too! All I can think every time is that those robes must be so germified. There's one particular place that I've seen 4 different people on different days, each with their own way of getting people's attention. One girl dances in place & sings to herself the whole time & I know she must get that thing all sweated-up.

I do have to say that beyond everything else, I always wave at them b/c to have that as your job and then have people look at you & look away? That would be so, so sad.

NerdyRedneck Rob said...

@Jinksto - "touching" lol!

@Tammy - Think so? :)

@Maria - Yep and the original income tax was 1% on people with income over $1 million. Tax the rich, right? Look at it now. This is why people who know history always sneer at any politician who says tax the rich. History buffs KNOW how that works.

@Melek - Goodie! What's my cut? ;)

@HOJ - Ya know, I bet they make those poor SOB's BUY their own robe to get the shitty job. :(