Monday, April 19, 2010

Time for a new catagory...

For years I have enjoyed the "you might be a redneck if" jokes. In fact one of my favorites is "If your wife has ever asked you to move the transmission you are rebuilding so she could take a bath...

However since I am only only half redneck (on my fathers side) somehow I always have felt they were incomplete. What about my maternal nerd side?

So, I think it's time for some Nerdy Redneck jokes.

You might be a "Nerdy Redneck" if:
1. You use a GPS to find your tree stand!
2. You decided where to place your tree stand based on the 3G coverage map.
3. Your hound dogs are named "Vector" and "Render"!
4. Your shotgun shells are stored next to your blank Cd's!
5. You keep your firearms inventory list in a MySQL database.
6. You have used Google Earth to look at your hunting shack.
7. Your 4x4 is "Blue-Tooth" enabled.
8. You have spooked a deer by texting your hunting buddy.
9. You have a satellite down link on your bass boat.
10. You refer to your "quad core" PC with 4 gigs of Ram as your "4x4".
11. You have ever uploaded a photo from your mobile device to "Yahoo Answers" trying to figger out what you jess kilt.

Ok thats a start... since I have the funniest readers in the known universe (when they bother to comment anyway :)) PLEASE, play along! What can you add to the list? :)

(Oh where is Taj when I feel the need to be mocked (with love of course ))


Cheeseboy said...

Well, since I am the least technically savvy man in the universe, mine should read, "you might not be a redneck if you didn't understand a thing Nerdy wrote."

It's still funny though.

NerdyRedneck Rob said...

Ahhhh Cheesboy, then remind me to forward you the bit about Gutenberg’s help desk! ;)

tammy said...

These were funny.

And explain a lot.