Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Legal Ethics

I recently came across an excerpt from a law school ethics class. I thought it was so instructive that it should not just be for potential lawyers. Read on and see if you agree.

The Situation:
Two lawyers start a new practice together. In the beginning business is slow and they are really struggling to stay afloat.

One day while one partner is out to lunch an elderly lady walked into the law office. She wants to have a will created. She explains that even though she is poor and on a very low fixed income she has seen that not having a will can create awful turmoil and fighting amongst the survivors and she wants to avoid that for her family.

The young attorney tells her a simple will is $100. Even though that is a LOT of money to her she agrees. They complete the will and since she just cashed her social security check she takes some fresh crisp $100 bills from her purse, peels one off for the young attorney and leaves.

As the attorney is putting the $100 in the petty cash box he notices that since the bills were so fresh and crisp she actually handed him two $100 bills stuck together.

The Quandary:
Does the young attorney tell his partner about the extra $100 and share it with him or not? Please discuss.


jinksto said...

I snapped off a quick reply to this and then re-read the last question. To that, I have no response.

Beth said...

Hey Boy!!! Long time no see!!! how are ya? are you on Twitter? look me up!!

Anonymous said...

Simple. He calls the lady and tells her she accidentally gave him 2 100's, and gives one back. Doesn't need to mention it to his partner. It was a mistake, and he made an executive decision.

Maria in Oregon

tammy said...

I agree that he should give the money back to the old lady. Or buy new shoes. Either one.

NerdyRedneck Rob said...

Ah Maria, when you have to explain a joke you know you already blew it. So clearly I blew it.

The joke is supposed to be that is the OBVIOUS answer but that answer would never occur to a professional parasite on society. So the dilemma for that morally warped mindset is ONLY whether to split the money with his fellow parasite or not.