Monday, June 16, 2008

Ok, Blatant Show Off Post! :)

I thought I would go ahead and just call me on it before Beth did! :)

I bought a boat.

I had been internally debating this for nearly two months but last week I went ahead and pulled the trigger. So after two months of changing my mind almost daily Crazymomma actually talked me into it, she said "Life is short, eat desert first!"

That did it.

The good news is that while I was trying to make up my mind the seller dropped the price by 30%. Woot!

For those of you who know the lingo it's a Regal Valanti 225S. A 22 foot cuddy with a MerCruiser 350 inboard-outboard engine (270 HP).

Here is a picture of it while it was still "for sale" with my SUV parked in front of it just to give you a sense of scale...

Between the front seats is a door with two steps down into the Cabin. I KEEP hitting my head on that piece of wood across the top of the door though! :( There is a double bed up in the bow. In this shot you can see a tow-able inner tube people can ride sitting on the bed.

Once you are in the cabin to the right is a bathroom with it's own sink. The sink is just out of view to the left in this shot...

Then to the right is the "kitchen sink" and cabinets although there is no cook top in this one. (it was a factory option the original buyer obviously passed on)

Standing on the back seats looking out over the bow you can see the nice tanning pad on the cabin roof between the top cabin windows...

This shot is the boat going flat out at 45 mph and looking back over the wake. A two and a half ton boat moving at 45 cuts quite a wake huh? Oh yeah! That gets the old testosterone flowing! :)

Sure you are all are invited! The placard in it from the coast guard says max capacity is 10 people. That is more readers than I have so everyone is invited! :)

...and hey, if it rains we will just put the convertible top up! I don't know much about boats but I thought having a convertible was super cool. Erika says almost all boats do that- still, I think it's pretty damned cool! WooHoo!!

This is the view off the end of Erika's dock.

So, how does that rank as a show off post? :) ;)


Crazymamaof6 said...

i warned you i was the voice of evil from the beginning! WHOOHOO love the shot of the toilet. or is it called the head? on a boat? WHOOHOO! I'm so there!

SuperCoolMom said...

Does that invite include lurkers!?! We're gonna start coming out of the woodwork for a ride on that baby!

Anonymous said...

Yay! That looks like a load of fun!

...why would someone ride an inner tube on a bed?


Melek said...

yowza! that's HOT.

Robin said...

Erika has a dock? Where is her blantant show off piece?

NerdyRedneck Rob said...

CrazyMomma- Yeah but your kind of evil is just soooo much fun! :)

SuperCoolMom- Nope, they will have to de-lurk first! :)

Anne- She is back! About the inner tube on the bed thing- well, if I have to explain it… LOL!

Melek- Well, I *was* going for ‘chick magnet’? Seems like it worked? :)

Robin- Erika seems to have a low testosterone count and is not compelled to show off compulsively. The upside to that is she never has to shave her face either. Always a trade off! :)

tammy said...

I'm on my way.

Beth said...

so, is this what has been keeping you so busy lately??!!! WOW!!! Boats are so cool.

when I was younger, this guy my mom "dated" had a boat on Lake erie, and we would spend the summers up there. it was so much fun, living on a boat all summer, riding our bikes around the marina, fishing everyday...eating NOTHING BUT FISH!!

nice boat rednecks even LIKE boats??? i thought rednecks just used a blowup raft or something like that...

I love all your "man toys"....wait, they might not have come out the right way....or maybe it did!! ;)

kay said...

I LOVE IT!! how awesome for you!! i'm jealous. i love boating and skiing! if we visit can you ski off the back?

fun fun fun!!

Jen said...

So, when should I be there?

Melissa said...

Jealous! My dad had a boat (smaller but still quite fast) the whole time I was growing up...I so miss it!!

And I'm all about eating dessert first. I knew I liked Julie!! :)

Erika said...

How do you know where I shave? (hardy har). When I asked my father about buying a boat (on the same mortgage as my house of course) he said: "Have lake?... need boat!"

stacey said...

Have I mentioned how much I like you?

NerdyRedneck Rob said...

Beth- About rednecks and boats, good question! This boat is very rednecky! It has a huge V-8 engine and lots of switches, dials and controls and goes fast! Oh yeah, it’s very rednecky! :) On the other hand I was originally looking for a sailboat. I could not find a sailboat that I liked that was suitable for Erika’s dock (4 foot deep at normal level and most sailboats have those deep keels) so I settled for this boat. Now a sail boat would have been way out of redneck character! However, the thought of free power from the wind and learning to deal with all the rigging and such would very much appeal to the nerdy half of my persona! My redneck half won this battle though. (for now- A sail boat is in my future)

Kay- I have had two different answers about pulling skiers with this boat. One experienced boater I asked said that big boat throws up such a deep and turbulent wake that only a VERY good skier could do it. (Check out that wake picture again- what do you think?) Another guy told me you just have to get a real long rope so the skier is far enough behind to clear the worst of the wake. C’mon over, we will try it out and see! Otherwise inner tubes and knee boards are on the schedule. A rough wake is actually good for both of those.

Tammy and Jen- Anytime! What do you like to drink and I will have the cooler stocked accordingly.

Melissa- No need to be jealous, you are only three hours away, load up Joe and Hope and come on down. You need some fun right now anyway.

Erika- I can tell by your lovely skin you don’t shave your face. You dad is right too- Two years of staring at that empty dock was all I could take! :)

Stacey- Why no, I don’t think you have. I think you should mention it a few more times! :) What should I put in the cooler for you?

Andie said...

nice! I wish our boat had a toilet and cabin.

We have a 19' Boston Whaler. (my hubby uses it for fishing)

Melissa said...

Can I just leave Joe and Hope's been one of those days!! :)

Mags said...

That is WAY cool!! Good for you-live IS too short to pass up on things like that. Can't wait to live through you this summer!!

Erika said...

You wanna know how rednecky this boat is? Just picture Rob coming in a few days after he got it with a big grin saying "I played with the engine and now it goes a whole lot faster!!!" Yah... it's rednecky all right!. Re: the skiing thing, I'm with the person who said a long rope would do it. Most ski ropes are long and tubing/kneeboarding ropes are short anyways.

Tanya said...

That sure is going to come in handy with all the floods going on.

tammy said...

You could totally ski off that boat. Although my favorite is riding the water weinie. {tee hee}

NerdyRedneck Rob said...

Andie- I can’t think of a better boat for fishing so you must not be the one into fishing then. :)

Melissa- Hell ya, leave ‘em behind and take a break, what should I stock for you? You coming Sat or Sun?

Mags- You are going to live vicariously through *me*? Man your life must *really* suck! (Kidding! I know you are loving Boston!)

Erika- Awwww, you do say the sweetest things sometimes! I am all blushy now!

Tanya- You know, good point! I had not considered it’s value as an escape vehicle until I read your comment! :)

Tammy- Not fair! I am still trying to get images of a black eye out of my mind then you throw *that* out there! :) ;)