Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Krispy Kreme Donuts

I was totally snookered!

I am not sure if you guys have Krispy Kreme donuts where you are at but for a while there they were quite the fad just like Starbucks was except that Krispy Kreme was not ridiculously overpriced.

The first time I had a Krispy Kreme donut I was staying in a hotel in Raleigh-Durham that had free ‘continental’ breakfasts. I bit into this donut and the contrasting textures are what got to me! It was crispy on the outside and soft and gooey on the inside. I thought, “Ah ha!, Krispy Kreme, I get it! What a great name!” I stayed in that hotel for about three weeks and had some every morning! I even went to sneaking them out so I could have some that night after supper for a dessert! As Tony the Tiger used to say before those German magicians took him to Vegas, “They’re great!”

About 6 months later they opened one just down the road from my house. I was pretty excited and so were lots of people. Everyone including me were going on and on about how great their donuts are.

So the place finally opens and I get some. I did not quite spit it out but I was shocked when I bit into it! It was real soft and gooey. I was like, “Hey where is the “Krispy” part?”

So I come to learn that this is how they make the donuts and THAT is precisely why everyone loved them so much; because they are so soft and gooey! I always loved them because they were crispy and gooey.

I was really confused for a while about why these were so different that what I had in that hotel. I finally figured it out. The hotel where I fell in love with them was getting ‘day olds’ on the cheap I’m sure. So I started experimenting. You have to let a fresh “Krispy Kreme” age about 4 days for them to get to where they were like at the hotel. The outside will get stale and crisp but the inside will stay soft and gooey. That is how I love them!

So, now if I want Krispy Kremes as a treat on a weekend morning I will buy them on Wednesday and age them for at least 4 days first. Then they are pure heaven.

So now that I solved that problem now I am trying to figure out why in the hell they call them "Krispy Kreme" when they are not at all "Krispy" until you age them?

Yes, things like this really annoy my nerdy little mind!


WomensDaily said...

Surprisingly enough, I've never had one. I know , I know, I've gotten yelled at before.

Melissa said...

Ack! I'm gluten free now and I haven't craved anything yet until you started talking about Krisy Kreme's. Looks like I'll just have to take your word for it on the 4 day thing...;)

tammy said...

You had to mention those didn't ya? Good thing I moved 20 minutes away from our Krispy Kreme store, or I'd be heading over there tonight.

On a side note, the KK store in my mom's town closed and they turned the building into a bank. We really wanted to drive thru and order a dozen glazed just to mess with them. And then when they told us they didn't have any donuts, we were gonna order a dozen chocolate. Is that funny or were we just drunk at the time?

Anonymous said...

I must be weird because I never liked Krispy Kreme donuts. They are neither Krispy nor Kremey to me. Also too sweet and too light/squishy. But it sounds like you've figured out a way to improve them. Just make sure you claim your royalties if they try to steal your idea.


Crazymamaof6 said...

all of the ones here in the valley went bankrupt a couple years ago. and TODAY! TODAY! they re-opened one! a friend dropped off a dozen fresh Krispy kreme today. heaven. PURE HEAVEN . i like them firm, not hard. and not smooshy soft. since they don't feel as filling if they are so fresh. anyway. rad timing. and i hid the dozen in the oven. and came home to none. the kids found them and split the reward. good thing i'd already eaten 3.

Kat said...

Haha it seems that just like all things "yummy" you have to let it age. Now they are in line with other fancy foods.

Jamón Ibérico, wine, cheese and Krispy Kreme donuts. LOL

Kat said...

I forgot to mention George Clooney....ROFL

Sauntering Soul said...

So I guess if you and I ever wanted to eat Krispy Kremes together we'd be in trouble. I like to go when the "Hot Doughnuts Now" sign is lit up. They definitely aren't crispy then.

Robin said...

Of course when summer arrives you will have to run additional experiments to determine the effect of heat and humidity on crispiness. Please report back.

Melek said...

how do you keep them in the house without eating them for 4 days? i'd have to get like 6 dozen to ensure there would be enough left for the weekend ;)

Jenifer said...

Finally, someone who thinks the way I do! I don't like them fresh either. When they serve them fresh, I ask for one in the case. (I'm blog hopping, you don't know me.) But I love your blog!

NerdyRedneck Rob said...

WomensDaily- Shoot, no yelling from me. If it had not been for that hotel I would never tried them either.

Melissa- What? Your butt free now? I remember I sent you that song about “What if your butt was gone?” but man you did not have to take it so seriously! :)

Tammy- “Is that funny or were we just drunk at the time?” Yes. :)

Anne- We are on the same page. They are too squishy for me too. Try ageing them once though and see what you think.

CrazyMomma- Yeah, I guess ageing them is out of the question in your house! COL

Kat- Yes, we need to add them to the list and Yes, Mr. Clooney is several years older than me so he always give me hope that I still have a shot!

Sauntering- Yep, we would do well together at KK. :)

Robin- Additional double blind trials are now on my list!

Melek- I’m not seeing the problem there?? :)

Jenifer- Yes! I knew there had to be one other out there that likes them old. I am so glad you like the blog too!

Mags said...

You know...I went years without tasting one when then one day I was running late when I was on vacation so I stopped in.

It was kind of disappointing. I liked that they were warm, but the flavor wasn't nearly as wonderful as I thought it would be. If I ever get near one again I'll have to try your method. :)

Tari said...

Umm i wonder what it is like inside that head of yours. I haven't had one in forever. I have to travel three hours out of my small town to get one.:( Maybe you should send some to me, they'd be about perfect by the time I got them.

Tanya said...

I think they're pretty good. I like the better than most other donuts. I just had one the other day when someone brought them to a baby shower.

I never knew you were supposed to leave them out a few days to "ripen" I'll have to try that next time the craving hits.