Monday, December 17, 2007

10 Things About Me Meme

Whelp, I was tagged by CrazyMama (Julie) to do a 10 random things no one knows about me meme.

I am not sure if some of these have slipped out or not but here goes anyway.

1) I sing or whistle ALL the time. If I can't do it out loud (like in a meeting) it is still going on in my head. Things in life make me think of certain songs so I will start playing them in my head. It’s like my life has a soundtrack.

2) Sometimes I get a little OCD with a particular song. It can get stuck in my head for days or even weeks. I was on a “Music is My Boyfriend” loop for a while (from that damned IPhone commercial!) Then I was seriously stuck on a “Sweep the leg Johnny” loop for about two weeks! At the moment I am currently loop free! (but still loopy!)

3) I don’t talk about it much here on the blog because there are already other online places to feed this obsession but I am crazy about airplanes and aviation.

4) I have insomnia a lot. I tend to think, think, think about things then I forget to sleep.

5) On that note- While I am thinking I tend to design things in my head. I have a full product line of aircraft designs up in my brain from a basic two seat, very low cost “first plane” to a very high performance higher cost aircraft oriented towards business travelers. Airplanes cost too much so most of my design emphases centers on cost reduction. I have created two different construction techniques that I think could radically lower the construction costs of airplanes.

6) Someday I would like to start an aircraft company and turn my designs into reality.

7) I am utterly amazed that people read my blog.

8) Sometimes I feel very, very alone. (this is normal I suppose)

9) I really enjoy my work. Which makes sense because I just played with computers for a few years before I decided to get a degree in them and do it for a living. (I will NEVER forget the thrill of POWER when I ran my first BASIC program on a Commodore 64. The machine bends to MY WILL! Bwuh ha ha ha!)

10) I swing from introvert to extrovert. Sometimes I just HAVE to be alone. Other times I just HAVE to be around other people.


Crazymamaof6 said...

ahHA first comment! and interesting things. easy way to get to know you better. and lower cost airplanes. wow. and just so you know people can be in a house full of people and feel completely alone. (i really wanted to add in the bathroom with the door locked)but i mean in other places emotionally alone. ok whoohoo! all of the people i tagged this time have done it except Melissa. so I'm still waiting for her . but cool!

Crazymamaof6 said...

you forgot to tag people. are you going to?

Melissa said...

LOL! Julie...I just put mine up!

Great list, Rob! Ironically, I had a lot of people around me this weekend and also felt alone. I'm still trying to figure out what that's about.

I'm amazed as a geek that you are introverted and extroverted, that is completely unusual.

Please don't tag me ;)

Tanya said...

New airplanes that are inexpensive. If you ever put your designs into reality let me know. I have a friend who would be your new best friend.

Are you going to make a Nerdy Redneck Soundtrack Album?

kay said...

i am amazed that more people don't read your blog!!

i love that people think about things
that i have no desire to think about. like airplanes. and things that fly.

thanks for sharing. i'm also up for a nerdy redneck playlist.

just do it!

Melek said...

Sorry to have to do this, but i needed to move my blog, and didnt want to post on the old blog as to the new address. i'll explain later. anyway, the new URL is

('my' instead of 'mels')
update your bookmarks! :)
Thanks -

OHmommy said...

You like computers and airplanes, you have insomnia and OCD, and you whistle all the time. You are one very cool guy.

All joking aside,

I'm with Kay... I am amazed more don't read your blog. I love it!

Rob said...

CrazyMama - 1) you crack me up. How did you know I was hiding in the bathroom? LOL! 2) I don't mind getting tagged but I am not so good at tagging. I hope that does not hurt your feelings!

Melissa - Yeah, unusual is a word! I do run a (so far) successful consulting company so I do have an OK human interface module. For the most part, no matter how good the terms, humans will not sign contracts with people they do not like. So I have to get them to like me AND convince them I know what I am doing before they will sign on the dotted line. A double whammy.

Tanya - Hmmmm, a soundtrack? I can see the USA guitar and me on the cover now, whoo! :)

Kay - Awwww, thanks! And - projectplaylist eh? Thanks! I will look into it!

Melek - Done. Did you get a cyber stalker or something?? E-mail if you want to keep it on the down low but enquiring minds…

OhMommy – You must feel better today! Good! Hey, have you met Taj, she usually gets in the good rips but you beat her to the punch today! :) All joking aside, thank you again, I still get all warm and tingly whenever I think about that wonderful “review” you wrote about me!

Taj said...

Since the daily rip slot was taken (good one too!), I guess I have to just be nice. ;)

Your an interesting dude Rob (I swear I have a straight face as I type). I have no doubt that you will find many, many more readers as time goes on.

I need a pill...nice hurts. Alpha Geek says what?

Kat said...

Well wasn't that informative. I am so with you on many things. And I thought I was the only one whisteling on each and every occasion.
And why wouldn't we read your blog? You are funny, you are smart you are a whisteling, aircraft loving, alpha geek redneck. It never gets dull :)

michelle said...

lol ... funny, i swing from introvert to hermit! ;) is it odd that i never need to be around people, but i always need to be alone? i guess i'm just channeling my inner greta garbo ... "i vant to be alooone."

Sauntering Soul said...

I suffer from insomnia a lot too. Regretfully, I don't use it to think about productive things. I just lay there staring at the ceiling thinking "damn it, why can't I sleep?".

I'm not a whistler, but the attorney across the hall from my office is. One day I sent her an email and asked her why on earth she was whistling "Home on the Range". She cracked up. She never realizes what she's whistling and doesn't think anyone around her can hear it.

Melek said...

i totally get the music loop in your head. i pretty much 99% of the time have something playing. after i saw 'Chicago' i bought the soundtrack, and for literally 2 weeks, i couldn't get the song "they both reached for the gun" out of my head. i seriously thought i was going to go insane. i had to get rid of the CD so it wouldn't happen again :)

Rob said...

Taj - Straight face huh? Alpha Geek says what? He says "ICE CREAM!" :)

Kat - Awwww, now THAT was music to my ears!

Michelle - Now people with amazing friends can't be total hermits! Besides, you have too many pictures on Flicker than belie that story as well! :)

Sauntering - Dang it! Now home on the range is totally stuck in my head! :)

Melek - My infinite loops never make me crazy! It’s the other people who get crazy! :)

Crazymamaof6 said...

whistling makes me crazy! i hate it when people around me whistle . Lance whistles and i yell at him. i don't mind singing, or me whistling bu other people can't! totally double standard i know.

Jules said...

I'll have you know that I can't see that "Music is my boyfriend" commercial without thinking of you (and then envisioning Erica sweeping your leg for singing it all of the time).

House of Jules

Rob said...

CrazyMomma - I hear ya! My whistling does not bother me at all!

Jules - LOL - Hey it has taken some effort on my part but at least I have not sung that song that Taj posted out loud. Go thing too! That would get my butt kicked fer shore! It's amazing what a powerful behavior modifier fear of physical pain is huh? :)