Monday, March 22, 2010

Welcome Comrades!

Well we as a nation took one large step towards communism last night, "Hello central planning"! I mean it's been such a smashing success everywhere else it's been tried so lets jump on that bandwagon. Sheesh!

I am stunned and I am very worried. This is the kind of betrayal of basic principles that can set off civil wars. I have a son. For the first time in my life I am afraid of the future. I don't know if you can grasp how significant that is to me. You see, I am the 'eternal optimist' type but I now fear the future. That has NEVER happened to me before and that alone scares the crap out of me so it is a little self reinforcing endless loop of fear.

Of all the questions that have been asked since this betrayal of American principles began the one question I have not heard asked or answered is; So where are the Canadians going get their health care now?


tammy said...

Exactly! These liberals that voted for this, just don't get it.

Old American Dream = work really hard and you can be sucessful. New American Dream = work really hard and you can give half your pay away to people who sit on their asses. I'm fine with helping those that truly need it. I'm not fine with helping those that live continuously off the government. Besides the fact that our country cannot afford this!

I'm stunned and worried too. I believe that there is a higher power in charge, and everything that happens, happens for a reason, but I'm worried about what that reason is and what we're going to have to do. And I'm worried just how bad things are going to get. I guess we prepare for the worst, but hope for the best.

tammy said...

Oh, and now I just read that they've decided it's UNCONSTITUTIONAL TO DENY TAXPAYER DOLLARS TO ACORN.


It just keeps coming. It all makes my head want to explode.

Anonymous said...

I'm worried too, but for different reasons. I'm worried about the intensity of outrage on the part of the people. Yes, it could start a civil war!

BUT - I am originally from the UK, and I worked as a nurse for the National Health Service. Back in those days, in the 80's, it was a service to be proud of. Everyone in the UK is entitled to health care. It was a wonderful thing. England is not a communist country. I think most Americans are panicking unnecessarily because they are deathly afraid of what they perceive as communism. You pay for roads that other people drive on. You pay for schools even if you don't have school-age children. It's just your taxes. We all share this country. Why not make a better health care system? Stop getting all commie-crazy-paranoid and work together here!

Maria in Oregon

NerdyRedneck Rob said...

Dearest Maria.

"Why not make a better health care system?"

1) Never in the history of this country has something improved in quality AFTER the government took it over. Never. Additionally, it’s never gotten cheaper either. People who in light of a long established track record of government failure think that somehow it will work out THIS time sadly live in a fantasy world. :(

2) I find myself explaining this too many of my friends from other countries. The US has been unique throughout out the history of humanity in that its defining principle has been the government serves at the will of the people. In other countries the people serve at the will of the government.

Additionally, this country has always been run on the principle that the preservation of individual liberty is the highest priority. Laws may only intrude on personal liberty to the degree they preserve others liberty. For example, you can’t steal or murder.

Now you are going to be forced to participate in a system against your will or be penalized. It is a betrayal of our most basic principles.

See, the UK got that one right, you have the NHS to help poor people but you do not FORCE people into it against their will (Like Canada does)

Expressed another way; Good intentions are the root of all evil. To force people to do something against their will because YOU think it is for their own good is an act of evil.

3) There are MANY ways to help the poor get good healthcare. Nationalizing healthcare is not something that is in any way needed in order to help the poor. It is simply a power grab using the poor as an excuse.

4) I will admit I am a bit commie crazy :) We all have our weaknesses. :)

tammy said...

I agree completely Rob. I have friends and family that have lived in Italy, Germany, and Canada. They all oppose a government run healthcare system here in the U.S. Here is also a viewpoint from someone who once lived in Russia: