Monday, March 29, 2010

It’s Just Not Right!

Ok, Disney has been selling sex to kids for years under the guise of good family entertainment but I think they have just gone too far now!

I got a happy meal Friday and I got a toy from a new Disney movie. I was totally disgusted! I mean it’s one thing to be having all kinds of hot “stars” wearing limited clothing getting the kids wound up but now, now they have *really* crossed over the line; now they are promoting bestiality, I man c’mon man! Jeez Louise!

Look at this toy, a TOY meant for children!

Oh NO! What the hell is that boy doing to that whale? Oh mine gott that is just soooo wrong!
1) Kid, this is NOT why they call it a blow hole.
2) Seriously, This is NOT what they meant by “Free Willie”.

I mean seriously, can you believe they are pushing this kind of smut on kids? I hope you all will join me in protesting this!

Then we wonder why Tiger and Jesse can't keep it in their pants when they have been having this kind of crap shoved into their brains since they were weeeee little ones!

(EDIT: Hours after I posted this I came back for a proof read and I noticed that even the little girl on the McDonald's cup in the background is horrified at what she is seeing!!!)


Cheeseboy said...

The girl in the picture is so funny. Are you sure you didn't set that up?

House of Jules said...

I need to get myself a pet whale.

Stacey said...

Note to self. Take kids to Panera. . . until Julie's finished with the whale.

NerdyRedneck Rob said...

Cheeseboy- I promise I did not set that up, in fact, I am a bit chagrined that I did not notice it sooner!

Jules- I volunteer! And hey, you don’t even have to feed me expensive sushi (raw fish) I can live off 99 cent fish tacos from Long John Silvers!

Stacy- Doc, you obviously don’t know what goes on in that place! OMG!

Tanya said...

Thats a nightwing dragon, not a whale.

His dragon, Toothless, can fly and Hiccup is taking a ride.

I so want a pet dragon.

NerdyRedneck Rob said...

Tanya - I am confused? What is funny about that? :)

Of course, on that note it seems most people don't think my post is funny either but I totally cracked myself up with it!

At least I enjoyed it!