Thursday, March 25, 2010

Ok, that’s weird!

I was replying to a comment and referenced former corrupt Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich. (to my former grammar teachers let me apologize for the triple redundancy in a single sentence, corrupt Illinois politician is really pushing the redundancy boundaries) Since I am not too good with spelling period let alone Polish spelling I needed to look up Blagojevich. If you did not know this Google is great spell checker, just type a few characters and BOOM, the pick list will pop up and you have your spelling. If it does not then go ahead and search and google will ask “Did you mean {correct spelling}?”

Nowadays that pick list is populated by popular searches other people are doing

So when I typed in “blogo” into the Google toolbar this is what I saw…

What? “Blagojevich blacker than Obama” is the top search on Blagojevich? WTF people! Too weird! So weird I felt I better grab a screen shot or you would not believe me!

(yeah I don’t normally post twice in a day but the last two posts have been so weak I felt compelled)

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tammy said...

That is really weird. I'm amazed at what pops up there sometimes.