Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Fun with Google

Did you ever wonder how the Google search engine works! Why with pigeons of course! I mean DUH! Don’t believe me? Well just let google.com explain it to you…


See? I just can't believe you ever doubted me!

Need a job? Google is hiring for its Lunar HiDeHiDeHo project!


Now who does not like FREE? Google has free (and mostly sanitary) wireless Internet available! Check it out!

(be sure to click the “Getting Started” button…)


(and everyone made fun of that Senator for referring to the internet as a series of pipes! Clearly he was simply a Google TISP user!)

Looking for Romance? Why look anywhere other than Google?


(Oh, do NOT miss the "Take the Tour" link!)


Tanya said...

Those are awesome. I did not know about the Pigoens or Romance. I feel as if my life is now complete.

tammy said...

Those were funny.

NerdyRedneck Rob said...

Tanya- Yes, in order to feel your life is complete you must read my blog! :)

Tammy- Glad you enjoyed! The dating one in particular had me in stitches!