Monday, November 30, 2009


They finally did it!

I HATE electric hand dryers in public restrooms.

All they do is burn a lot of electricity and then you inevitably end up wiping your hands on your pants. I long ago reached the point where whenever I see one of these wastes of resources and there are no paper towels I just go ahead and save time and electricity and just wipe my hands on my pants right off the bat and be done with it.

However, someone finally invented an electric hand dryer that actually works! No I am not kidding! Stands to reason if someone was to pull off this feat of engineering it would be Dyson.

Check this out, instead of trying to dry your hands with what is essentially a hair dryer Dyson made the air stream very tight and directional so that it pulls the water off your hands instead of trying to evaporate it with heat. It works very well! (refer back to the drawing of how you can identify a scientific type, trust me, I tried this little gem of engineering several times before leaving!)

Jules and Stacy were already fellow co-founders of the Dyson fan club, so ladies, does this device give you any new ideas? ;)

Anyway, kudos to Dyson for FINALLY building an electric hand dryer that actually dries your hands. Who’d a thunk it could ever happen?


Stacey said...

Wow. There are so many ways I could go with this, none of which are appropriate for polite society. So, of course, Jules knows exactly what I'm thinking. Come to think of it, you probably do too. Thanks for sharing! I've used these, and am saddened to admit that I didn't realize Dyson was behind the genius. I understand if you need to suspend my Dyson privileges.

House of Jules said...

I don't have any idea what Stacey is talking about when she says polite society in reference to your blog. What the? Polite society?

All I could think about when I saw that last shot was side entry. You thought it, too, don't lie. Seems to me that this new dryer might mean that you can get one of those and leave the vacuum for Stacey & I. Just a thought!

Erika said...

Ya know, there's a washing equivalent one of those at our favourite Texan BBQ house! Maybe we should try a Dyson vacuum cleaner -- maybe it'll ACTUALLY suck (C:

Crazymamaof6 said...

i am a dry my hands on my pants person too. i just don't ahve time for the other way of doing it. i prefer paper.
um we've had the dyson hand drier for a good long while at the movie theater here. my kids think it's rad.
i don't waste my time. but i did try it once. and while yes i works, it's faster to just dry off on my jeans. classy for sure.

NerdyRedneck Rob said...

Stacey- I am hurt! My blog counts as polite society. What did I ever do to you to deserve such a horrible insult! Was it calling you a lady? Whatever it is I am very sorry! ;)

Jules- Naaaa. There is no airflow in the side. :( So I am not giving up my rotation yet!!

Erika- It’s about time for Rob’s annual tear down/overhaul of your vacuum so it will at least pick up a piece of lint again! Your vac will suck again (conversly it will no longer suck in a different sense)

CrazyMamma- I am an efficiency freak- classy or not the jeans get the job done and that is what counts! On the other hand the air blade is just such fun that I use it just for giggles! :)

Andie said...

I love those. they have them at our movie theater and I always want to use the bathroom so i can use those! LOL

tammy said...

Haven't seen those yet, but I do know I love my purple Dyson vacuum cleaner!