Sunday, January 22, 2012

Times are TOUGH!

Last Friday I went to see my stock broker. I usually do this stuff online but he was paying me for a change so I had to go see him.

I keyed the address into good old Map quest and I thought "Great! Out in front of the mall. THAT will really help narrow down where to find him in the mall! STUPID MAP QUEST!" Here see for yourself... (click pic to embiggen if you wish. (yeah, I make up words, leave me alone!))

I mean right smack dab in the middle of the road. C'mon!!

Well after a few laps around the building. I called him again and he said he had seen me drive by three times and look south, can I see him waving. Oh Shit! There he was! I had been avoiding eye contact with him which turned out to be really embarrassing in the end 

My Broker!
WOW. Retractions all the way around.... Map Quest is dead on! He was in the road! I'm sorry Map quest...

MMMMMmmm, I shore do loves me some humble pie y'all!


Jenna Lynn said...

Enjoyed this post :) Especially the word embiggen. I might use it!

NerdyRedneck Rob said...

@jenna - OMG! Someone besides Tammy or Spammers left a Comment. I am totally swooning here!

Jenna, I want to have your children. I know, I know, biology and all that crap, I'll find a way! :)

Jenna Lynn said...

LOL! No need to have my children... just read my blog :) i need readers too :)