Monday, August 23, 2010

Random Deep Thoughts...

1) I dreamed another joke this weekend. I dreamed I was fishing for rednecks (yeah this dream makes no sense at all) and I was using corn dogs for bait. I was drilling little holes in the ice cream stick to tie the fishing line to and casting away…

2) Also this weekend I felt like eating something really bad for me so I bought some Captain Crunch. Hmmmm, slow death never tasted so nummy!

Anyway, as I was eating it occurred to me that this guy must be a real foul up because he has been a Captain all of my life. He should be an admiral by now! Then it occurred to me that on the opposite end of the scale it must have really been hard to sell cereal early in his naval career because who the hell would buy a product called "Seaman Crunch?"

Yes I am childish and immature but I LOVE a good double entendre! Of course, now we can debate over what constitutes a *good* double entendre but Seaman Crunch fits my definition nicely! :)

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