Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Springfield Weirdness Report #5

Item 1- Ok, my current contract is with the State Police and I work in headquarters so coming in and out through the lobby I am quite accustomed to seeing all types of law enforcement people; police from any number of cities, FBI, DEA, etc, all show up from time to time so its no biggie. However this morning when I came in I saw something truly weird.

There was a Catholic priest in the lobby in the traditional black business suit but with the collar. HOWEVER, he had a big gold star pinned to his dress coat and he was packing a 9 MM on his hip.

It was soooo odd a sight and frankly so unbelievable, I mean can priests even be cops and pack heat? I really wanted to get a picture but it occured to me he might be under cover and only wearing badge and gun in HQ so I left it alone. Still, I wonder about it- I mean WTH?

Item 2 - WTF? Just what road is this sign referring too?!
(click picture to enlarge)

Ok, did'ja notice the blue fire hydrant to the right of the "road closed" sign? A fire hydrant in an empty field. Just toooo weird.

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tammy said...

Good thing that sign's there - lol. I may have tried to drive down there.

That is really odd about the priest/cop. Times are tough, maybe he has to moonlight.