Monday, October 26, 2009

Things that make me LOL

I often find things Hilarius that other people don't even think is funny. I know I'm strange and it's OK. However yesterday outside of an AutoZone my strangeness even took me by surprise.

I saw this and started to laugh. And Laugh. And laugh. I was still chuckling when I snapped this...

Then the more I thought about it the more I laughed. You probably will not find it funny at all.

OK, being anal retentive people who can not control their vehicles well enough to park annoy me to no end. Whenever I see a vehicle parked like this I always wonder, was the driver too lazy, too inconsiderate or just a plain old shitty driver to park this badly. Then I figure all three of those traits do go together so I just assume "all the above".

However this one CRACKED me up. The owner buys an overpriced BMW pretentious-mobile then side swipes something putting big ugly marks down the drivers side and still- STILL can not control the vehicle well enough to get it inside of even one of four sides of the parking spot.

Oh man that's funny! (to me). Yeah, I realize no one reading this is laughing but man, when someone THIS mentally impaired is driving a BWM really, you should be laughing. I am not the weird one this time you are! :)

On a less funny in a bizarre way note here is a last "Springfield Weirdness" picture.

The speed limit is 29? How weird is that?


tammy said...

Do my eyes deceive me or is Rob actually posting something on his blog?

I find that kind of stuff funny and ironic too.

Thomas said...

Something fishy's definitely going on up there.