Tuesday, October 27, 2009

South Park - Still awesome!

Most people I know don't "like" South Park. Of course they will admit they have never watched it but they still don't like it anyway. Say la vie.

It is now in it's 13th season. I loved the show for years but I had kinda drifted away and had not watched in a while but the Kanye West thing at the VMA's a few weeks ago brought it back to my attention You see, several years ago South Park did a blistering satire on Kanye West then and after Kanye's recent bought with assitis Comedy Central ran that episode four times the day after the VMA's. Ah yeah, as usual Matt and Trey, the writers creators of South Park were way ahead on their cultural trends. :)

Anyway, all of that made me remember just how hilarious those guys really are. Not only is South Park very funny but the episodes almost always revolve around current events and the glimpse into our culture and their insight into it is often incisive and sometimes brilliant. Yes, there is always some potty humor bandied about in every episode but the deeper plots poking fun at our societal foibles are my favorite part.

So anyway, they recently did an episode ripping how Disney TV is selling sex to children while making it look oh so wholesome and clean. I was trying to find that episode to show my son. I goobered the search for "mickey mouse".

Even their search engine cracks me up even though the joke is at my expense.

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