Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Ah Springfield

Just a post of odd things seen around Springfield lately. Well in addition to pajama's at the fast food joint.

I am sure someone thought this was very cute but it merely annoyed me!

Oh my god it finally happened! McDonalds killed one mid meal!

Notice the other guy caught me taking a picture of his buddy! That always happens to me at the topless beach too! I gotta learn to be more sneaky when snapping pics! ;)

Really? Harry Potter has to be around here somewhere looking for his train! I swear this picture is not doctored! I have never seen a half street before.

57? Really? 57? WTH? How did they pull 57 out of their butts? Not 55, not 60 but 57? That is soooo weird!

This is the kind of thing that makes you start to question the universe. Does it really exist? Are we all just figments of some mad god's imagination? How do molecules combine in such a way as to create life? I mean seriously, this the kind of thing that leads philosophy majors to commit suicide! Solipsism. SOLIPSISM!! AHHHHHH!!

Ok, I'm better now. Obviously Freshetta is trying to drive McDonalds out of business. I mean if all the philosophy majors commit suicide who will be left to say, "Would you like fries with that?"?

I suppose it's only right that someone take down those grandpa killing bastards!


tammy said...

57. That is pretty random.

I thought the lettuce sign was cute. Grumpy Rob.

Callsign Echo said...

My life's ambition now must be to live on a street and a half.

Ms Snarky Nice Bitch said...

hey guy~~i am back after a break from blogging and wanted to say hello

crazy c

'cause i have to be anon now

Melek said...

there are tons of 1/2 streets in Virginia beach. i always wanted to live on one bc i thought it was cool.