Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Home Alone

Erika is gone on Vacation and the other room mate moved out today. Whelp, we won't be needing these pants for awhile! Ahhhhhhh!



tammy said...

Just make sure you remember where you put them in case the doorbell rings.

House of Jules said...

Are you wearing your "I'm SO blogging this!" undies?

Kat said...

'Hang loose' your new slogan?

NerdyRedneck Rob said...

Jules and Tammy Nothing and I mean NOTHING gets rid of unwelcome door knockers as fast as standing on your front porch in your "I'm soooo blogging this!" panties... "Hello there! Are you happy with your long distance ser... oh...my, uh, sorry, uh, wrong house, yes wrong house!"

Now if they are really pushy you break out the big guns by standing there in nothing but your "I'm soooo blogging this!" panties moving your hips in small circles and asking them with a scowl if they have accepted Jesus Christ as their personal savior...yet?

Works every.single.time. I have tried it.

Well, on second thought that tactic probably works much better for men than for women. :)

Kat- Naw, I'll just stick with floppy. ;)

Erika said...

And NOW I understand that panicked look in the kitties eyes!!! (C:
P.S. I'm at the hospital tonight, but I'll be back tomorrow -- BE FOREWARNED!

NerdyRedneck Rob said...

Erika- I'll have you know I wore pants all day Sunday thinking you would be home any minute. Then you didn't show up. I could have been free!! Truly a wasted day! ;)