Monday, March 9, 2009

Sleeping on the Plane

This last trip home I actually fell asleep on the plane.

This is a big deal because I often don't sleep well and very rarely can I sleep during the day at all and I just never fall asleep on airplanes.

I was taking the old Southwest home reading my Popular Science en route as usual. My eyes were burning while I was reading so I shut them for a minute and BOOM! The next thing I know it's an hour later and the flight attendant is waking me up asking me to put my seat up for landing.

Wow. That has never happened before so it was very weird.

I felt very refreshed for the rest of the day so that was part was very cool but I am not sure I am ready to start sleeping in public on a regular basis. I mean a little drool on your pillow is not too big a deal but unless you are a baby, having drooly chin in front of 150 people is just not very suave.


jinksto said...

I love sleeping on planes. It makes the trip that much more magical. I can get on the winged bus and fall asleep. When I wake up it's magically transported me home. I'm one of those that begs for a window seat and cries until they give me one. I love take off... the seat of your pants kick of high speed ground travel, the thrill of pitch and power shoving you up into the air. The wonder of seeing places I've just been from the air... 5000 feet and ZZzzzzzz.

I once saw a guy sleep literally the whole way from ORD to Heathrow on a Business Class ticket. As soon as we hit altitude he reclined his seat put the Lone Ranger mask on and didn't move until they woke him up for landing. It was one of the oddest things I've ever seen. I think there must have been "scared of flying" drugs involved with that one.

michelle said...

i am just relieved that you weren't sleeping on a plane that you were flying!

i am flying the red-eye from calgary to halifax in april ... i doubt if i will sleep a wink. thank goodness for season 1 of "the tudors" on my ipod!

Kat said...

Are you serious? For years (and as a former airline employee I have flown A LOT) I bought a book in the airport, even got a paper. Settled into the seat and was out cold before take off even.

For years now I have suspected that they pressurize the cabins with sleeping gas :)

tammy said...

Man, you were out! I'm sure all the flight attendants wish everyone would fall asleep. I don't usually sleep when we fly, but I can't wait to go to sleep on road trips.

Thanks for flying Southwest! Somebody's gotta keep my hubby employed.

Erika said...

I blame your reading material -- which issue was that again? Anyways, it's okay to drool... but try not to fall asleep on your neighbour's shoulder (yes... I did that on a bus once when I was about 13... highly embarrassing!)