Monday, March 23, 2009

Oh Dear Lord!

Kill me now, I have now seen everything and can go in peace! I just saw a sign advertising "Pet Massage"! In-home pet massage no less! I mean who can be bothered to take their pet to the pet massage studio? Only in-home will do!

Wow! I would really love to meet the loon that actually pays someone else to massage their pets! I'll bet I could really sell them some stuff. Maybe some credit card bingo where they read their credit card numbers to me then I tell them if they won or not. Then followed up by a game of hangman where their mothers maiden name is the secret word.

In-home pet massage!? What's next, doggie hookers? Oh wait, they already do have 'stud service'! Eeep!


Erika said...

I perform pet massage on an (almost) daily basis ya know!

mumple said...


You see the world in a rare way. And, God, do I know how that feels!

tammy said...

After what my dog left me in bed, he's getting nothing!!

Tanya said...

This sounds like a great business opportunity! I would love to change someone $50 an hour to pet their dog.
(and that totally sounds dirty.)


Karen said...

My sister boards her dogs at a kennel that gives massages daily. I dont' think she's aware that they do in-home. I'm wondering if she'll check me into the kennel next time she goes away. I could use the special treatment.

Erika said...

Yo Nerdy! Where'y'at? I'm going through redneck comment withdrawal (c;

Kathy F said...

Where are you, been a while.

Hope you are okay.