Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Voice Mail on Speaker Phone

You ever have anyone who uses their speakerphone for everything? There is someone about two cubes over that must be hard of hearing because he cranks up the volume and uses that speaker phone for everything. It's annoying as hell to everyone around me. After so many years around airplanes I tend to tune things out, noise does not bother me but man I am in the middle of a regular drama shop since everyone else is so upset about it. Someone clearly complained because his manager come over today and told him to knock it off. (She was much nicer I am just keeping it short)

So then he spent the next hour complaining loudly about how she could not tell him to turn his phone down! She did not have the right.

The hour-long rant was reminiscent of my hero Milt from Office space!

So now just to be spiteful he has really cranked up the volume.

Now while it is not bothering me it is a problem and I do like being a problem solver and clearly the direct approach is not working well so I had another approach that better suits my personality and that should solve the problem.

The next time he leaves his desk I am going to go down to one of the empty conference rooms, deepen my voice as much as I can and leave him a voice mail that goes something like, "Hey there my big sweet guy! Wow, you were a real wildcat last night! All these months we been together how come you never told me you like it so rough? Well from now this cowboy is going bronc busting so I hope you are ready for the hard ride big fella!"

What do you want to bet he will never listen to voice mail on his speakerphone again?

I am all about the creative solution!


Beth said...

now THAT is a great idea!!! and I gotta find out if it works!!!!

Crazymamaof6 said...

OH that is AWESOME! can't wait to see that. do you think you could secretly record that on candid camera for us? i mean AWESOME! and seriously love love love office space. MILTON! i have my own red swingline. i know. you covet! heavenly day! fabulous!

SuperCoolMom said...

That is GREAT! Wish I could be there for that one!

Tanya said...

I had no idea you were into guys that listen to their voice mail on speaker phone. I bet there is some type of fetish anonymous group you could join that might help free you from your addiction.


Stephanie said...

You have to do that!!!

Kat said...

A whole team of peeps across the hall use speakerphone for their little phone conference purposes and it annoys the hell out of us.

The Dude from Office Space rules. "That's my stapler" and a case of the Monday' of my favorite movies.

Melek said...

do it!!!! DO IT!!! and then blog about it. how funny, and what a great idea.

do it!

Robin said...

Back when I was a cube rat, we kept an empty big gulp cup around. Whenever someone would call us using a speaker phone, we would put the cup over the receiver so we would have our own echoing, annoying speaker phone.

We also used it to imitate the Mr. Microphone commercials. I know you remember those.

Good times....

Andie said...

That is a great idea. I have a speakerphone talker in my office- and his volume is ALWAYS all the way up, so I can hear his whole conversation and it drives me bananas. I hate it. I think it's rude to the person on the other line, especially, because more than likely, they do not want their whole conversation broadcasted across the whole office- and because this guy is hard of hearing- he talks louder than the speakerphone. i did a blog on this a loong time ago.

I could ramble forever about it. LOL

seriously-though, i love your solution. that's hilarious.

Dizzy Ms. Lizzy said...

Sly - - sneaky - - underhanded - -

I like the way you think! :-)

tammy said...

The PERFECT solution! And I'm with crazymama Julie - please oh please find a way to record it for us. At the very least blog what happens for us. I can't wait. (My life is pretty slow right now)

Rob said...

All- Well, I gotta admit I am getting cold feet here. There are just not that many people with Texas accents here in central Illinois. I am afraid I will get busted pretty easily! :(

CrazyMomma- Of course I covet- It does not bind up as much as the Boston!

Tanya - "My name is Rob and I listen to others voice mail"

Kat- What a geek. And you know that is a compliment! Even though I have seen it a 100 times I still laugh until I cry over the death of the evil fax machine!

Robin- “Hey good lookin’ – We’ll be back to pick YOU up later!” Am I close?

Andie- Hey, you need to try it on him and let me know, your accent will blend in there! :)

Mags said...

Oh my God! If you do that you SO have to tape it. That's hysterical and you would be my hero! I hate when people use speaker phone-for anything-let alone messages.

Holy cow that would be GREAT!

Sauntering Soul said...

Please tell me you didn't get cold feet! That is the best idea I've heard in ages.

The girl I share an office with uses speaker phone all the time. We aren't in cubes....there's no wall between us. Our desks are about 3 feet from each other. It's so annoying.

Melek said...

can you get someone to call into his desk from home one night and leave the message? someone without the twang? just be sure to block the caller ID :)