Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Origin of Species

You see, I am this odd combination of redneck hillbilly, professional computer geek, mechanical engineer, history buff, amateur aircraft builder, science fiction fan, amateur chef and pilot. I also have this odd desire to add bad musician and perhaps horrible poet to my list.

As you can see I have two distinct and conflicting sides, I am the geek that no one gets (Hey, *I* think I am hilarious!) but then I do have a nice wide swath of good old fashioned farmer redneck embedded in my DNA. The opposing twin aspects of my personality are always at war to see who will be dominant. Like the wobbly balance of power between neighboring third world states it is often best if neither personalty becomes dominate.

Sadly, no matter which personality is on top today, neither of them attract women.

So I could think of no better title for my new little swirling vortex of lost productivity than "The Nerdy Redneck". It fits me well. Far too well.

As a perfect illustration of my inner conflict, as a computer geek I am right on top of the latest technology in my area of computing. The redneck in me however is a bit distrustful of this here world wide interweb thing-a-ma-bob. I mean dem gub'ment types are monitoring yer keystrokes and such, right?

So the result of this conflict is that I am just right on top of this whole blogging thing! On the cusp of a new concept, Yep, on the leading edge of new ideas. Surfing at the bleeding edge at the speed of light slowing passing those pokey electrons as they go about their business.

So welcome to my little experiment.

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