Thursday, May 16, 2013

Text Stalker!

My littlest sister has this knack for not putting me in her phones contacts so every single time I text her I get a "Who is this?"

So, in my style I sent a couple of weird yet hilarious texts to both of my sisters referencing the need for a possible prostate exam. The one sister replied, yet again, "Who is this?"

In frustration I replied "Jesus!"

I got a text back asking for clarification about Jesus needing a prostate exam. So I went back with something about Jesus being older now etc. Basically I just went off on this Monty-Python-ish utterly nonsensical rif revolving around the theme of Jesus not dieing at 33 and getting on in years; One text was something like,"Well I am 2046 years old now but you know I still love you, right! 

Oh how I giggled as I sent out each text. I dropped little hints here and there as to who the real texter was. I also said "I love you" several times as well being my littlest sis and all. I was surprised my sis was not catching on. She is pretty sharp after all and this has been going on about a week. In fact, at times I was sure she did know who it was and was just playing dumb as part of the ongoing joke. 

So yesterday I texted her and got a pretty nasty response back. I thought, OK! She does not know it's me after all and I have pushed this joke as far as it can go but still being miffed that she NEVER knows it's me instead of just saying "it's your bother silly!" I made a post on her face book page referencing "old Jesus". Then she would KNOW it was me.

No response.

Uh oh, I must have *really* ticked her off! sharing DNA with her and all I know that can be serious! So today I called her to make amends.

Welllllll. Little sis did not let me know her number had changed and I got a hold of this seriously befuddled women who thought she was being cyber stalked by some psycho with a Jesus complex who was in love with her!

She was, uhhhhh, a bit peevish, yeah. She was about to call the law on me. In fact, the only reason she had not is my number was out of state and she did not know what law to call!

Yeah we both ended up laughing as I explained it all to her but I feel really bad for scaring her.

Damn those were funny texts just totally wasted!


Anonymous said...

That is hilarious! But I am pretty sure I gave you my new number when I called you on your home line last time we talked and you said you had it now. But this is good...

NerdyRedneck Rob said...

That is the number I have been using. Jesus loves you!

Anonymous said...

I love you too Jesus

tammy said...

Okay, that is really funny.