Monday, March 26, 2012

Random Points


I have been DVR'ing "Hoarders" as I know a few.

For some reason I just can't make myself delete them off the DVR after I watch them. I mean what if I missed something? What if they cancel the series, how will I ever catch what I missed? What if someday something comes up and the knowledge in one of those episodes is EXACTLY what I need to solve the problem.

My DVR is all full of Hoarders episodes and I cant record anything else. I guess I need a bigger DVR.


A few posts back I showed you my new fence. I have also been moving a lot of dirt to level the yard and improve drainage. I have been so stiff and sore for weeks now. So I decided Sunday was going to be a day of rest, a "me day".  I vowed I would not do any work! Read, watch Cheesy TV etc and just relax for one lousy day.

I decided to play the Wii I bought, jeez, years ago. I had a BLAST playing Tennis, baseball, golf and Bowling.

Some rest! Wii Sports is active! My God I am so stiff this morning I can hardly type. I don't remember my coffee cup being so damn heavy!

"Bad call Ripley, bad call."


Lap Band Gal said...

I'm a DVR junkie too :)

Anonymous said...

How ironic is it that you are hoarding Hoarders!

Maria in Oregon

tammy said...

So, you're a Hoarders Hoarder? (I know, Maria already said it, but I had to, too)

We need a new DVR but I can't get caught up on everything that's on it long enough to go turn it in to the cable company to get a new one.

NerdyRedneck Rob said...

@Lap Band Gal - I got Netflix about a month ago and now I am streaming and DVR addiction is fading as I get addicted to Netflix. They say pot is the "gateway drug" so I wonder if DVR's are the gateway boxes. ;)

@Maria - Whew, for minute there I thought I blew the joke. yah!

@tammy- COPY CAT! lol If you have not yet try netflix for 8 bucks a month! Just hundred and hundred of TV series and movies etc. It awesome being able to start at episode one and "get" inside jokes you never quite understood!

Anonymous said...

That's so true about inside jokes. I'm currently on season 3 of "Bones" thanks to Netflix, and now the newer episodes I saw a while back make so much more sense to me! I'll be sad when I finally get caught up, because it'll be a long wait for more. I miss Dexter...

Maria in Oregon

NerdyRedneck Rob said...

@Maria - Yeah! Loving that Netflix! It is clearly the best 8 bucks a month I ever spent on entertainment!