Thursday, October 27, 2011

I'm Pissed!

Yes again!

You mean to tell me I been parking at the 100 acre box stores and all I had to do was just find one of these green boxes and help myself - FOR FREE!

So, who ever did not send me this memo is in for it! BIG TIME


Chandan said...

Is this across the Walgreens on Stevenson? I stopped by there and was wondering what the hell this green thing is but couldn't read it from the other side... Thought it must be a portable restroom !

Anonymous said...

Damn it, Rob. Don't tell other people about the free stuff. its all mine. MINE, I say. ALL MINE.

BTW, what in the world is a hulnesse?

NerdyRedneck Rob said...

@Chandan - Yep that is the one! I took this picture at the car wash! No no! Contain your shock I was NOT washing my car! Just throwing stuff away. Oh, thats shocking too eh? :)

Oh and it is a portable restroom it is just very difficult to sqeeze one off while dangling from the little door 4 foot off the ground. lol

@Anon - That sounds like scott or steve. Shhhh. we should not talk about hulnesse here!