Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Northerner thing?

When I'm Springfield I stay in what for all intents and purposes is a Corporate apartment with multiple users.

That kind of life is generally a short term deal but I have been staying here with Erika off and on (mostly on) for the better part of 5 years now. Since I have been steady we have had about 12-13 "room mates" over the years who have come to Springfield for short term stays..

Three of them have been from Chicago.

Two of that three have had this "thing" about keeping the bathroom door shut all the time.

So I was whining commenting to Erika, what is this bizarre thing? I have never heard of it. Toilet seat wars sure. Bathroom door closed? I've never heard of this.

Erika replies that she has heard of it, Perhaps it is a "hide the room where "dirty" things happen" thing?

Jules you out there? Is this a "Chicago thing"?

Either way this concept just hurts my head.

What is this a 50's sit com where the "impure" potty room does not exist and the married couple sleep in twin beds separated by a censor appointed minimum of 2 feet 7.5 inches?

I like to believe I am a creature of logic and reason so:

1) When you take a shower the bathroom gets very humid. If you keep the door shut and don't allow fresh air circulation, your wall paper/paint will be damaged over time and even worse you will probably end up with mold and mildew; With both smells bad and can be a health hazard.

2) I realize the base realities of life may be "TMI" for some weak minded people but for you mature people out there lets face it, we do things in there that don't always smell nice. Again, some basic air circulation cures that little problem. I don't want to smell what happened in there yesterday!

Both of these really apply this time of year when the weather is too nice to run the heat OR air conditioning.

3) And this one is BIG. If the door is shut how do you know weather someone is in there or not? What? You are supposed to knock on the the door every single time you use it? Really? In what bizarre parallel universe does this make sense?

I went to use the bathroom the other night, the light is on and the door is shut. Normally a clear sign of "ocupado" but I can't tell anymore so I knock on the door... yep, our Chicagoan is in there.

I do gotta go but it's not "epic" yet. So I go putter in the kitchen, fix a snack, chat with Erika. Every couple of minutes I lean back, look down the hall and and check the bathroom door. Light on, door closed. After a while hydraulic pressure is starting to build. I start doing the doing the pee pee dance. I walk back that way to put something in my room and notice the Chicagoan's bedroom door was open before but now it's closed.

Oh no!

So I knock on the bathroom door. Yeah its empty and who knows how long I been hopping foot to foot while it was empty. Grrrrrr.

Ok, so I gave three solid logical reasons NOT to close the door when not in use. Can anyone give me ONE logical reason to shut it?

Thank you for listening, thus concludes Rob's bizarre rant of the Day.

ps. Don't get me wrong he is nice guy and there is ALWAYS going to be a little friction where ever moving people are involved. This is a minor thing - BUT blogworthy,  no?


tammy said...

I close it when I don't want the dogs to get into the trash can, other than that, it's always open. Why do you think I have them decorated so cute? They have to be seen, not just used.

NerdyRedneck Rob said...

@Tammy - "Why do you think I have them decorated so cute?"

I hear THAT!

House of Jules said...

You know I'm here! :)

It must be a coincidence that the Chicagoans who've lived with you & Erica close the bathroom door as none of the Chicagoans I know do that. Very odd.

Crazymamaof6 said...

I'm with tammy. Fabulously decorated restrooms should be seen. Close the lid sure, but the door? And wtf? Guy didn't turn off the light! Which is way lamer than door being open.

NerdyRedneck Rob said...

@Jules - Yah Jules is here! (Miss ya!)

Coincidence sounds right.

Well I have lived with 3 of what 3 million Chicagoans. That is a significant sampling, right? ;)

@Crazy Mamma - "Guy didn't turn off the light!" Yeah! When I had already knocked on the door so he HAD to know I wanted to use the room! Grrrr! He moved out today though so that problem has solved itself!

Anonymous said...

I only close the door when I want the room to warm up when the heat comes on and I want to take a shower. And when my son was little, I kept it closed so he woudn't try to flush his Lego down the toilet.

Maria in Oregon

NerdyRedneck Rob said...

@Maria- Thanks for the post idea! lol!